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Puppy's First Month

The first month you bring your puppy (or older rescue) home is by far the most important time to build communication, bond and trust . Habits begin to from the moment they come home and it is just as easy to form good habits as bad habits.....

This package is a 'fan favorite' 

Package includes:

- 1 month of  support that begins the first week your new family member arrives home 

- 30 to 45 minute private 1:1  zoom call each week for four weeks

- All questions answered

-  age specific focus behaviors explained each week 

- Running live document to record information and review content

Price: $225.00

“Tracey’s puppy training class was an absolute godsend and got us started off on the right foot with our labradoodle, Indie. People typically wait one to two months until their dog is vaccinated before taking in-person classes.  We were able to start classes via Zoom immediately after bringing our dog home, which is when we needed it most. We met with Tracey weekly and our whole family was able to attend the calls.  We got individualized attention catered specifically to our dog. Tracey thoroughly covered the long list of questions we had each week, addressing topics such as potty training, biting, barking, leash walking, crate training, and basic commands.  She helped us understand how dogs think and what motivates them.  What we appreciated most was Tracey’s warm and caring style. She was thoughtful about her approach and gave us things to try until it clicked. She wrote up notes from each session in a Google Doc that became a valuable reference for us. We strongly encourage anyone bringing home a new puppy to take her class!  We can’t thank her enough for helping us through this sometimes trying but really fun stage of our dog’s life.”


"We had the privilege of working with Tracey for the “Puppies First Month”.  Growing up with dogs, we were on the fence as to whether or not we wanted to invest the time and money into this course.  However, it would have been a huge mistake had we not.  Not only did Tracey act as a sounding board for us, she got us on the right step towards teaching obedience.  It’s much easier to establish good habits early on than to go back and have to fix bad habits."  


"The “Puppy’s First Month” program was essential in understanding our puppy’s specific behaviors.  Tracey also incorporated basic commands into our lessons, as well as brain building / enrichment activities, and a variety of ways to provide your dog with the socialization that they need.  Along with all this, Tracey created a google document specifically for our dog, which covered everything that we discussed in each session."


"We gained so much from our 4 sessions with Tracey that we decided to continue on with her in her Basic Obedience Course.  Now, we are well on our way to obtaining the Canine Good Citizen certificate."

"The difference between a good dog and a GREAT dog is obedience and being able to communicate with your pup.  I’m very thankful for the time we spent with Tracey and I’m confident that it was her knowledge and skill that has set us up for success."


"Our breeder recommended Tracey Delfino for our puppy's 1st month of puppy training. It was the best advice they gave us and so happy we followed their advice.  Tracey is such a personable knowledgeable woman.  Her positive reinforcement training was so helpful.  We looked forward to each Wednesday at 1:30 pm to visit and have the 1 on 1 training with Tracey by Zoom.  She always asked if we had any questions or concerns before the class began.  She always had an answer for us and used her dog Shadow to demo.  The class was well worth the money to invest in our puppy. We started a puppy class here in Concord this week.   Our puppy Bandit was the best behaved dog there and we truly believe that was due to Tracey and all her knowledge.  We would definitely highly recommend Tracey for everyone who wants their puppy off to the best start. Grateful puppy parents, "


“ Tracey is by far the most knowledgeable and passionate dog trainer we have ever known.  From day one her detailed outline for raising two puppies was invaluable. She helped us with everything from walking on the leash to crate training and good manners out and at home. She encouraged us to challenge the pups to learn more and be the best they could be. Each week, when we met on zoom, we showed her our progress and she helped us refine techniques and gave us amazing tips to achieve the goals we wanted. The pups are now almost a year old and are better behaved than most adult dogs we know! We have been so honored to have Tracey as a teacher and a guide and are so grateful for all that she taught us.”

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