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Home Alone Training 


Some years ago, I adopted a sweet little five month old puppy that no one else wanted... we named her Maggie and quickly fell in love. It wasnt until she was four, and we moved to a new home in a new state, that we discovered she suffered from separation anxiety.  Fast forward another year and I begin to see many people adopting puppies during a global pandemic. These puppies are accustomed to life with their humans home all the time. As pet parents begin to return to the office, we must prepare our pups for days spent home alone.

It is for these reasons that I decided to invest time and money in learning all I could about separation anxiety and how to fix it. Our dogs deserve the confidence to know they are safe when we are not there.


Each separation anxiety program begins with a free consultaion so we can determine exactly where your dog is currently at and the best starting point ....

Email to book your free consult now 

Plans include:

1 hour initial evaluation

Zoom check-ins as needed

3-5 customized practice training plans per week

1 hour of video review/feedback per week

Comprehensive/customized spread sheets to track progress


1 month support -  $500.00

6 month support - $1000.00

12 month support - $1500.00

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